Way of Life

“Through insolence comes nothing but strife,

But wisdom is with those who receive counsel.” The Proverbs 13: 10

There are two ways of life in front a man. To go in the right or wrong way of life is up to him.

It’s Man’s decision to select the way of his life.

Insolence or wisdom?

The Proverbs present two sides of life and exposes the consequences of each side. It doesn’t insist to select one, instead, leave the decision to man. But it shows light on how to decide the right way, the peaceful prosperous way.

Receive counsel before selecting the way!!!

To receive counsel man has to prepare himself. He has to look into himself to see his strengths and weaknesses and accept the truth that he doesn’t know everything to make the right decision. He needs counsel to adequate his inequities. It’s a fact that great leaders have many counsellors to aid him to make the right decision. And he listens to them before making decisions.

Are the words hard to understand? Hardly!

Truth is always simple but, most of the time, hard to follow.

“Know thyself”, the ancient Greek aphorism, is one of the Delphic maxims and was inscribed in the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphic according to the Greek writer Pausanias. There are two parts of the ancient Luxor Temple, the External Temple, where beginners were allowed to enter and the Internal Temple where a person was only allowed to enter after proven worthy and ready to acquire more knowledge and insights.


My prayer:

Almighty God, you’ve given me the freedom to choose the ways of my life. You’ve given me the wisdom to know myself. Your teachings have shown the consequences of right and wrong decisions. God, help me to choose wisdom.

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