Monthly Archives: December 2015

God Listens to your voice!


“I call to you in times of trouble, because you will answer me.” Psalm 86:7

The psalmist gives the assurance. And he is very certain about his faith in God. His unwavering faith steadies his mind and soul.

How to get God’s attention? Simple. Call to God and He will answer you.

There are times in our life that we do not know what to do or whom to call, there are situations in our life where we do not know where to turn or what to say. Remember, turn to God at all these situations and ask for His help. God will certainly answer your call.

Your voice matters in heaven. He takes you very seriously. When you enter His presence, the attendants turn to you to hear your voice. No need to fear that you will be ignored.

“Father, I thank Thee that Thou hast heard Me.” John 11:41

Then the Son of God prays, He has only one consciousness, and that consciousness is of His Father. God always hears the prayers of His Son, and if the Son of God is formed in me the Father will always hear my prayers.


Merciful God I believe in You. Wherever and whenever I call You listen to my voice. In my times of trouble and in my joy You are the one I turn to. The believe that I can turn to my God any time for comfort and He listens to my words is my comfort and strength. God keep me in my steadfast love of You.

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