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Are You Hearing from God?

Are you hearing from God

‘Then Moses said to the Lord…’ Exodus 33:12

Throughout the book of Exodus we read these two statements: ‘The Lord said to Moses,’ and ‘Moses said to the people.’

The Lord said to Moses and Moses said to people. Yes, that is the key lesson here. People listen and obey Moses’ words because Moses words are what Lord said to him. Until you have heard from God, what do you have to say to anybody else that’s worth consideration. Moses was aware of his shortcomings and he asked Lord ‘why the Israelites would listen to him?’ God anointed Moses as His spokesperson. Hence before speaking to people Moses always consulted with God. And that made Moses’ words powerful.

When your thoughts and desires are submitted to Lord He will actually think and speak through you. What a privilege! The trouble is, sometimes we want to speak without first consulting God and hearing from Him.

To hear from God first of all we have trust Him unconditionally. Wow! That’s a big ask. When we are children we trust our parents unconditionally but as we grow through different phases of live this unconditional love turns into conditional. And when it becomes conditional the purity the love is lost.

Does God really, really speak to us?

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Be Honest

be honest

…Be careful to do what is right… Romans 12:17

Jeremiah utters, ‘Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means…in the end he will prove to be a fool.‘ (Jeremiah 17:11) People always tend to find their own justice for their misdeeds. And, instead of looking into themselves, they believe what they say. For example, ‘it is ok to do small mistakes, as long as you’ve no major lapses.’ This self-justification is nothing but an ostrich nature of burying its head in the sand believing nobody can see it. Whether you steal ten cents or a million dollar, you’re still a thief. Every time you break a moral principal it becomes harder, not easier, to act with integrity.

Developing integrity requires constant vigil because every day you face unscrupulous opportunity & dishonest people and it’s hard to keep your head high in the mire of deceit around you.

Then how can you keep your head high?

(1) Keep your promises. When you make a promise you create hope. When you keep a promise you create trust.

(2) Acknowledge your mistakes. When your decisions don’t turn out the way you intend, you owe people an explanation.

(3) Apologize and try to make amends. When your actions hurt others, you need to admit that what you did was wrong and say you’re sorry. This is usually very painful in the moment. But not only is the right thing to do, it can actually shorten the agony and help you to put the incident behind you.

Do you smile when you are alone with God, who can see your innermost secrets or hide your face?

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